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Bye Bye '99 Ford F150, Hello 2009 Dodge Ram 4 door

 Old Pictures - 1950 Mercury - 1947 Chevrolet - 1965 Desoto - 1930s(?) Nash

Trip to San Diego, CA and ride to San Felipe/Escondito B.C. Mexico on Harley Davidson Sportster and BMW Sport Enduro 

Group picture in 1983.

Group picture from 1987. Another in 1987 

The gang in 1997     Group vehicle picture     Group people picture

The gang in 1998  

Pictures from 1998  

All ATV's, Summer 2000

Fall 2000 Slideshow  Otto's truck, 4 wheelers, etc. 

Motorcycles and ATVs

Family Vehicles

My Vehicles (autos)


snowmobiles work well on water too!

Randy's Vehicles

Tina's Vehicles


Other Friends

The Forbes Estate's Motorcycle collection I got to spend the day here on an AT&T picnic.

Link to some old vehicle pictures

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