Yuengling Shrine

Yuengling Room June 2003:


Image from 1999:

Top Shelf: 150 year Pilsner Set, 16 oz. Premium Can, Old German Stubby (1993), Black & Tan Can, Porter (twist off cap), Porter (returnable bottle), Porter (green bottle twist), Premium 16 oz. returnable, Premium twist cap, Chesterfield Ale 1999, Chesterfield 1996, Yuengling Light, Premium 12 oz. returnable, Yuengling Lager (1980s), Bavarian Beer (1995), Yuengling Can,  Premium 16 oz. (1980s), Yuengling Lager, Yuengling Lager, Old German Stubby, Black & Tan 1998, Lager Can, Chesterfield Ale Can.

Bottom Shelf: Beer Bag, Old Can, Hibernia Coal Cracker Can, Old Can, Shot Glass, Lighter (not there), Knickerbocker Beer Tray, Picture with Ray Norbert (Brew-master 50 years), Coasters, Light Beer Coal Train, Bottle Opener, Porter Caboose, Cap, Mug, Labels, Quart Premium Beer, Bathtub Gin Lady, Porter Tap Handle,

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