Our Story....
The story begins in 1990 with Chuck who went to college in Rhode Island at Roger Williams college.
At the bars they started carrying Yuengling Black and Tan. He remembered his older brother's stories about how cheap and tasty Yuengling was, and he quickly fell in love with it himself.
Just before graduation in '92, a bunch or us made a road trip to Penn State. Knowing that he could find Yuengling there, Chuck bought a case of 16 oz. Premiums and shared them with his friends. Once we all had a taste, we instantly fell in love. Soon we were all drinking Yuengling at a local Irish tavern on Route 22 named Jack O'Connors. Then Jack's made the unfortunate decision to drop Yuengling and go with some Czech Beer. So we took it upon ourselves to drive 45 minutes to Pennsylvania (every other Thursday) to obtain this rare commodity. At the time, a case of Yuengling Premium 16 oz. returnable bottles was only $9.50.

It Gets Better

So, late one Thursday night, Chuck and Dave wrote Dick Yuengling a letter asking for memorabilia and a list of bars who carry Yuengling. To their amazement Yuengling actually wrote back! They gave us a bunch or posters, and pamphlets, and a list of beer distributors in NJ who carry Yuengling. This was a happy day!
Next thing you know we were all taking the day off work to go to the brewery.

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