Dear Yuengling.....

              Chuck Hogan
              David Rossi

              October 30,1992
Dear Sirs,

     We discovered your beer on a road trip to Penn State. We
followed a recommendation of a friend, tried it and fell in love.
We brought cases back to our schools, Ithaca and Roger Williams, to
share the Yuengling experience with our friends. Both of us have
now graduated and have made it a tradition to go to our favorite
bar, Jack O'Conners (Rt 22 E), to have a few pitchers of Yuengling
at least once a weak. Unfortunately Jack made a horrible mistake
and drop Yuengling form his stock of beers (We have yet to confront
him on this matter). We have looked around at other bars and have
found no Yuengling. So recently we have been forced to drive to
Pennsylvania to obtain your priceless commodity. Because you do not
advertize in New Jersey, we have no way of obtaining posters or
other promotional gifts. We were hoping that you could send us a
few promotional items along with a list of bars in New Jersey that
have Yuengling on tap.

  • Our favorite Yuengling Beer's
  • Yuengling Premium
  • Yuengling Lager
  • Yuengling Black and Tan
    (found to our knowledge only in Rhode Island)

              Sincerely Yours,
              Chuck & Dave

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