Images from the 98 Tour

Dave looking happy

Ray R., DICK YUENGLING, and Dave

Bottling machine waiting for its next run

Bottom of a kettle

Cheesy Photo Op: Ray R., Ray F., and Joe

Cheesy Photo Op: Chuck, Mike, Ray F., and Joe

Yuengling is required to report its output for tax purposes.
This is where the gov't docs are kept.

Conveyer system and piping leading to cooling tanks

Fellow fans crowning to see the magical caning machines!

Ray didn't used to look quite this evil. Amazing what facial hair can do!

A group of hard-core fans we met while sampling the sweet nectar

Cans speeding by at dizzying speeds

If they were bottling that day, these bottles would have been getting flipped over before filling.

The '98 Crew
(Left to right)Ray F., Joe, Mike, Ray R., Dave, Chuck

Dale (playing bartender during the holiday tours) and Karen (tour guide year-round) behind the bar

Kettle you've seen before

Cool murals to commemorate the keg makers and bottle washers

The man, the myth, the legend: Retired Brewmaster, N. Ray Norbert

Cans are loaded into the pasteurizer, which heats the cans killing bacteria inside and out.

Photo of a kettle and the murals.
Since none of my pictures are ever good enough to frame, I had to take this shot!

If I only had a mop, and a cup!

Beginning of tour (I'm so lazy I didn't even put these in order!)

Pretty pretty trucks (and the side of Ray's face)

If I were a better photographer you would see a big/loud steam whistle in the middle of this image.

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