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YUENGLING BREWERY: The Eagle Still Soars.
About Yuengling, America's oldest brewery

Official Brewery News from Yuengling

New 16 oz. can.  March 2005

Yuengling Lager 16 oz Cans

Tall, dark and handsome, the new Yuengling Lager 16 oz can will do more than just turn heads. This sexy new package will warm up the spring and put the sizzle in summer.

from: Origlio Heady Times

News from South Carolina
A Northern import Columbia beer drinkers can cheer

News from Tampa, FL.
News Article "Big to-do over brew" March 2004.

Pennsylvania Cracks Down On Liquor Across State Lines
PA Liquor Rules cross the line.
Holiday Wines Confiscated by State Gestapos

Yuengling Brewery extends contract as title sponsor of "Inside Golf" Jan 2002

INC Magazine, July 2004 article also local

Pictures of First Delivery to new Yuengling Brewery ~ January 16, 2003 on the Reading and Northern Website.

WWW.Railroad.net  - Forums - Railroad-Specific Short Lines and Industrials - Reading & Northern - What is going on with the track to Yuengling Brewery
Rail Line lets Yuengling run at full capacity


 Beer Barrel Becoming a thing of the past, Cincinnati Enquirer, Aug. 27, 2003

Yuengling switches to "American Sankey D" Tap Keg. Effective July 1, 2003. From www.kegman.net
The Yuengling gift shop is selling 1/4 kegs for $25 plus $10 shipping.

Reading and Northern Railroad announce service to Yuengling Brewery. Jan. 16, 2003

Yuengling Discontinues Lord Chesterfield Draft, from www.beeryard.com/notes Feb. 20, 2003

Yuengling Double Deuces Debuts

Yuengling & Son bring new beer to (the) South Tuscaloosa Alabama.
Yuengling beer is coming to Asheville, NC. March 5, 2003. In the world of beer, sometimes grand old brands just fade away. And sometimes, they make a killer comeback.
Tuesday, January 21, 2003 Round em up The Yuengling horses will be in Harrisburg today At Gov. Edward G. Rendell's request to have every city in Pennsylvania contribute something to his inaugural parade today,  Separate Picture of the Wagon

Yuengling settles suit with Berks County distributor

Friday, January 17, 2003: Rail line open. Pottsville Republican

Engine Barrels down track to Brewery, Morning Call, Jan. 17, 2003

Port Clinton, Pa.-Based Railroad Powers Up Its Locomotive Fleet

Brewery, Railroad resolve dispute with State

Brewery Owner Makes Name for His Beer in Tampa, Fla. Tampa Tribune

Pottsville Brewer, "Excess Capacity" good article

Pottsville, Pa.-Based Brewer Opens Tampa, Fla., Plant Barrel production of ale discontinued - for now
Also information from beeryard.com here
Penna brewer to buy closed Strohs plant in Tampa, FL 4/6/99 Head of Pennsylvania Brewery has big plans for Tampa, Fla
Pottsville, Pa.-Based Brewer Begins Setting Up Shop in Tampa

Q and A with Schell brewing. 2nd oldest brewer.

Editorial- Company (Yuengling) deserves thanks for courage

Wednesday, May 19, 1999- Familiar Yuengling eagle already visible at new site

Saturday, January 23, 1999- Yuengling workers toast retiring brewmaster

Saturday, January 23, 1999- For Norbert, it was in the blood

Wednesday, April 7, 1999- Yuengling will brew beer in Florida

Editorial- Lack of rail access for brewery ironic


Thursday, September 3, 1998- Yuengling clears land for brewery

Obits- Richard L. Yuengling Sr.1998

Yuengling's new brewery. YUENGLING UPDATE Celebrator Beer News 1998

The Dog Days of Summer Campaign 2001

Lager, a popular newcomer Aug, 1997

Hops add characteristic tart taste Aug, 1997

4 daughters join 5th-generation owner Aug, 1997

Rich, 'hoppy' beverage born in Czechoslovakia Aug, 1997

Lager circles globe Aug 1997

Beer Can made of bauxite

Pure Water is Pure Beers foundation 1997

Editorial: Yuengling urged to stay in County. 1997

Yuengling wins fight to boast about its age. 1998?

related: Wednesday, November 11, 1998- It's still `America's Oldest'

Regional Breweries Strive, Survive, and Thrive. 1996

Wall Street Journal Article from 1994 

Obits - Marjorie H. Yuengling 1996


A Sticky Situation. Beverage World 1994

Profile Yuengling Brewery on NPR, 5/31/2000

Fact Sheet from 1994 Yuengling Brewery Tour

A Ramble through Pottsville

America's oldest brewery stepping up production

Oldest U.S. brewery thrives Prince William Journal

At the Yuengling Brewery business is headier than ever. Philadelphia Enquirer, January 14, 1993  

150th Anniv. article in Beer Cans Monthly, 1979 

Black and Tan all over. Beverage World 1993

150th Anniversary, Pottsville Republican, Jan. 30, 1979 from Beer cans monthly  

A diamond in old coal country Bicycling, Sept. 1998 Bar necessity in New York
Mr. Go-it-aloneForbes, Dec 30, 1996 Ale in the family  
Money, March 2000. Text only
Yuengling Hosts Jim Beam  
Yuengling Returns to Virginia Winchester Star Aug. 2000

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