"Cut the dust." - A phrase used by Pennsylvania workers to describe the quenching effects of local beer at the end of a hard day in the fields and mines.

Yuengling Brewery Timeline

1829 David G. Yuengling establishes the Eagle Brewery on Centre Street in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. 

1831 A fire completely destroys the plant and a new brewery is built on Mahantongo Street, site of the current brewery. 

1873 Brewery name is changed to D.G. Yuengling and Son after David's son Frederick joins his father as partner. 

1895 Frederick adds the bottling line to the plant. 

1899 Frederick Yuengling dies at the age of fifty-one. His only son Frank assumes the brewery's management. 

1898 Yuengling Ad

Left: some gentlemen standing in front of a saloon in Frackville.

Note: Before mechanical refrigeration, no American breweries could be built south of Washington D.C. (from www.rheingoldbeer.com )

1919 The Eighteenth Amendment is ratified, enacting a call for the national prohibition of alcohol. To survive, Yuengling switches production to near beer products.

1920 Yuengling constructs a dairy directly opposite the brewery 

1929 The 100th anniversary of the brewery. Near beer remains the only product being produced. 

1933 Prohibition ends. The brewery celebrates with the production of Winner Beer and ships a truckload to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

1936 The brewery rathskeller is built. 

1952 Truck shown here. 

1960 N. Ray Norbert becomes brew master. 
1963 Frank D. Yuengling dies at the age of eighty-six. He managed the brewery as president and chairman of the board for a remarkable period of sixty-four years. Upon his death, his sons, Richard L. and F. Dohrman, assume management of the brewery. 

1976 The brewery is placed on the national and state registers as America's oldest brewery during the American Bicentennial. 

1979 The brewery celebrates its 150th anniversary. 

1985 Richard L. Yuengling buys the company from his father and becomes president. 

1989-1991 Yuengling is available as far away as Rhode Island.  Chuck becomes familiar with Black and Tan at Roger Williams University.

1991 Chuck and Dave discover Yuengling on a trip to Pennsylvania.  

1992 The brewery begins the largest expansion in its 165-year history. 

1992 O'Connor's of Bridgewater, NJ stops carrying Yuengling on tap. Dave and Chuck write the brewery and are astounded when they write back and send posters of the brewery.  

1993 Yuengling pulled back from regional distribution in New England and New York due to increased demand in Pennsylvania. 

1994 First Yuengling Fan Web page by R. Reu and C.W. Hogan. http://www.eclipse.net/~rreu/yuengling/ 

1996 Yuengling goes online. http://www.yuengling.com 

1997 Yuengling supersedes brewery capacity by producing over 500,000 barrels. 

1998 (May) Dick Yuengling announces plans to build new brewery to keep up with high demand. 

1998 Yuengling fan page moves to http://rreu.11net.com/yuengling due to proliferation of files from tours. 

1999 Richard L. Yuengling Sr., 83, the fourth-generation owner of Pennsylvania's Yuengling Brewery, died March 25, in Pottsville, PA. Yuengling was the great-grandson of David G. Yuengling, the founder in 1829 of D.G. Yuengling & Son Inc.

1999 Yuengling purchases the former Stroh plant in Tampa, Florida adding about 1.6 million barrels to brewing capacity. Pictures

2001 Yuengling fan website gets an official name. www.YuenglingFan.com 

November 2001. N. Ray Norbert dies.  Was the Yuengling brew master for almost 40 years and worked at the brewery for almost 50 years. He retired in 1998. 

2001 New Yuengling Pottsville brewery completed and online. Expected production could reach 1.5 million barrels from the new brewery. Picture.

2001 Yuengling available in New York through Oak Beverage, Blauvelt, NY.
2002 Yuengling available in North Carolina.  See Article on Yuengling's news page. 
2002 Yuengling makes it as far north as East Durham, NY, home of the Irish Village, and Albany NY.

2002 The 6th generation Yuengling is born.  Congratulations!

November 2002 www.yuenglingfan.com members enjoy their 10th annual tour of the Yuengling brewery.

February 2003, Yuengling is available in Alabama.

August 2003, Yuengling Lager is available in Greenville, NY (near Albany) at the Bryant's Supermarket. Hooray! Also New Jersey Liquor stores are carrying Yuengling Premium, Lager, Light Lager, Light, Black & Tan and Porter. Lager available in 1/4 and 1/2 Kegs. (Ray Reu)

Yuengling expands to the eastern seaboard states from 2003 to 2009. 

February 2009, Yuengling comes out with a seasonal Bock Beer, only available in kegs.

February 2010, Yuengling's Bock Beer available in bottles.

The Yuengling Brewery 5th & Mahantongo Street. Pottsville, PA
17901 (570) 628-4890 
Tampa Location 11111 North 30th St.
Tampa, FL. (813) 972-8529  http://www.yuengling.com