2013 Yuengling Tour

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360 Panorama Image of the old Keg Filler shop

Tour guide said they would be coming out with a Wheat Beer over the summer.


Entrance, in front of the Gift Shop.


The Caves

Panorama from the corner of the cave.

Old Aluminum Full Barrel.

Old Half Barrels

Machine Shop


A view into the bottle shop.

The pasteurizer.


Escape hatch for the beer cans if the line gets blocked.


The Ice Cream building is undergoing renovations. We were told the upper floors would be a new Museum (and gift shop?), and the bottom floor, which is below grade on street level would be a new cooling plant.



Behind the Yuengling Brewery

Behind the Yuengling Brewery

Panoramic View of Pottsville from up the hill behind the Yuengling Brewery.


Steep hills around Pottsville.

Maroons Pub

Advertisement on the right side of Maroons.