2008 Yuengling Tour

Ray, Chuck, Dave, Joe, Joe's Dad

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Yuengling is in Georgia now and just opened up Tennessee about a month
ago.  I took the tour on November 28th and the guide stated they just
started selling a few weeks prior.
www.yuengling.com now shows their distributors for those states.

Yuengling is now also shipping Chesterfield Ale in Kegs.

Videos: (Viewable in Quicktime)
Bottles removed from cases by machine

Bottling line with 22 oz. Lager

Dave, Chuck, and Joe's Dad

Empty space where the pasteurizer used to be.

The Wort cooler is on the left

Copper sink where the wort is passed through

A Cellar - Not sure what this means.

Thought this was interesting.  Plow says D.G. Yuengling.


Trailer parked at the warehouse.