2003 Tour of the Yuengling Brewery

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The gang for the 2003 tour. Chuck, Dave and Mike. Ray, taking picture. Dave, Dale and Hank at the Bar.


Ray pouring a Lager.


Old Keg filler operations.


Yuengling Beer Wagons lined up in front of the brewery, circa 1899


Display at the Yuengling Museum/Gift Shop


Wreath pictures in Gift Shop


More wreath pictures in gift shop and a coopers repair bench. (for repairing wood barrels)


Yuengling's heredity comes from Germany.  Very close to Stuttgart, in Baden-Württemberg.
Link to map from Mapquest.com
The "His Father" line should also read:
.. Erdmannhausen near Marbach Am Neckar (on the Neckar River), near Ludwigsburg, Germany.


We were given the tour. Here we are back about to enter the bottling and canning shop. Notice the door ahead. This is a new edition since 2002. There is a new building added behind it.


Yuengling truck backing up to loading docks.


View into the bottling shop office from the loading dock.


This is the new building added since 2002.


The new building houses what looks to be new bottling and pasteurization equipment, but this is just a guess.


They are canning Yuengling Light Lager today.


A small room/closet tucked away near the repair shop.

Yuengling Truck at the loading dock.

Driving by the New Brewery on the way to Pep's Pub.


New gift bag from Yuengling

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