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and Snowstorm of 2003

Antique Bottles from Warren/Plainfield/Somerville, NJ

Maps of Warren (Scanned)

Old pictures of 19 Hillcrest

The deer in Warren are Big. This image is a bit fuzzy but you can see the antlers on this guy are huge. Here is another picture of 2 deer standing near my Mom's driveway.

Other Animals:
Saw a baby Fox this spring. I think it was a fox, or a Coyote, otherwise it was the devil.  Saw a fox on my driveway on 11/02/03 just stared at me and walked up toward my Mom's house.
Lots of Turkey in the area.  See them almost every week.
Rabbits and Ground Hogs. Ground Hogs are the worst. They eat up my garden. I even saw one climb a tree once. Don't believe me. Here is the picture.

Other notes: Looks like Ms. Facey won the court case to build on 1/2 acre lots.  I suppose it won't be too long until there is a new development next door.  I will have pics of the current houses before they are all torn down.  All the houses were exactly like mine

Union Village section of Warren

See Warren Township Historical Society, ARTICLES:

See Warren History Fall 1989

Union Village United Methodist Church (Berkeley Heights)

Map Image Union Village / Larger Map of Warren

The center of Union Village Postcard from 1917, mailed from Gillette, (Long Hill Twp, formerly Passaic Twp. NJ

Also See Warren History: "Former Newark Mayor, Businessman, buys property in Warren" Warren History #6, 2001

Warren Township Website

Warren Township Historical Society

Warren Police Department

Susie Boyce's Home Page (Historical Society)

Somerset County Library, Warren Branch

Somerset County Historical Society

Place Names (Indian and other)

Surrounding Communities:
Long Hill Township New Site
Berkeley Heights
North Plainfield
Bernards Twp. (Basking Ridge, Lyons, West Millington, Liberty Corner)

Free Acres: area on the border of Warren and Berkeley Heights
Link by Linus Yamane

Berkeley Heights History
Free Acres, a 67 acre community established in 1910 by Bolton Hall, a New York entrepreneur and reformer.  Mr. Hall believed in the idea of Henry George, the economist, of single taxation, under which residents pay tax to the community, which, in turn, pays a lump sum to the municipality.  Among the early residents of Free Acres were the actor James Cagney and his wife, Billie.

Free Acres: Map from Yahoo

Editors Note: As Kids we used to ride our bikes from Hillcrest down to the other end of Emerson where the Sonoco Station had Atari Games like Pac Man and Centipede.  We got sodas and candy then rode back.
Later we also went to the pool on Rodgers Lane where the "Old Guy" running it would sell sodas and ice cream from a little building.  I suppose these little pools are from a bygone era, with litigation run amok it was closed in the 1990's I believe.  There are now several houses on the site.
Some stories I got from Wayne Boylan are:
The house on the north corner of Hillcrest Road and Emerson lane was a restaurant.  If anyone has more information or pictures please let me know.
The house on the corner of Emerson Lane and Ralph Place was a General Store.  Someone I know lives there now.
The open lot on the south side of Watchung Heights Ave. next to the Boylan's was sold a little while ago.  I think I know who bought it and if the sewer can make it there more houses will be built.