Indian Links and Indian Place Name Links for Warren Township

Warren is comprised of the following sections and villages: Warrenville, Union Village, Smalleytown, Coontown, Mount Horeb, Mount Bethel, and previously comprised of what is now Watchung (Washingtonville). See map.

Indian Place Names

Old and New names for New Jersey towns. , but they missed a recent change, Passaic Township, now named Long Hill Township (Gillette, Myersville, Stirling and Millington)

Origin of New Jersey Place Names (broken link 10/2004)

In Warren:
Dock Watch Hollow
.  In American Indian Doquatchey (Hollow) meant: Cold Breeze (?) (from memory)
Passaic River - Lenape Indian name for valley . . . Spelled in old deed 1687, Passick, 1688, Pisaic, 1718, Passaik; 1719, Passyock. The river was called by the Indians Pach-sa-jeck, which signified flowing through the valley. (from Indian Place names link)
Watchung Mountains - Wat-chung, Orange Mt. range also called Wat-shu-ung more correctly Wachtschu. (from Indian Place names link)