Spaetzle, once known mainly in the Swabian region of Germany, and now popular in many parts of the world - especially the United States.

Spaetzle Recipe (Fresh Noodles):

To serve 2 to 3 portions mix: 1 cup flour (1/4 lb.), 1/3 cup of water or milk; 1 egg, and 1 teaspoon salt. Beat well with spoon until batter shows air bubbles. Rinse press with COLD water before filling (also rinse before refilling, when making larger quantities). Press batter slowly into 3 quarts of boiling SALTED water (be sure to add some oil to water to keep spaetzle from sticking together), holding the press 2 to 3 inches for SHORT noodles or 4 to 5 inches for LONG noodles above the boiling water. As soon as noodles rise to the top, drain well and rinse in hot or cold water. After use RINSE PRESS immediately with COLD water. NEVER PUT PRESS ON HOT PLATE. 

Here's a little secret when making your Spaghetti-Eis: put Spaetzle Press in Freezer before using. Make sure your ice cream is very, very cold. Press ice cream through and remember to pick up some of our "Rote Grütze" (Fruit Spread) to use as the "Tomato Sauce". Coconut or shaved white chocolate will serve as your "grated cheese". If you do not know about "Spaghetti-Eis", please feel free to send us an e-mail.