Adapted from "The Four Seasons of Italian Cooking" by A.J. Battifarano
          and Alan Richardson Time: 10 minutes

           6 ounces Italian bresaola, sliced paper-thin
          24 small prepared marinated mushrooms or wild mushrooms, coarsely chopped
          3 tablespoons finely chopped Italian parsley
          3 ounces Grana Padano cheese, in one piece
          4 or more tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
          Freshly ground black pepper
          1 lemon, cut into 6 wedges.

           1. Arrange bresaola slices, slightly overlapping on a large platter. Scatter
          mushrooms over bresaola, then sprinkle with parsley.

          2. Using a vegetable peeler, shave thin slivers of the cheese over bresaola.

          Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with black pepper. Serve with lemon wedges. 

          Yield: 6 servings.