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The Name: Weigand (Upper German-Middle German, LowerGerman Wiegand): from Middle High German "wîgant" (warrior, hero) (frequent in the medieval epic Nibelungenlied), also popular as family name (especially in Hesse, with nickname "Witzel"): Wigant Cleynod, 1325 near Wetzlar, Wigand von Büchleins, Glatz 1328, Wiegand Spiess, printer in Eltville, Weigandt Zigler, Freiberg 1452, Weigand Puntschuech, Tyrol 1459. Still 1588 in Kreuznach: Wigand Spanheim. Nicknames are Weigel and Witzel; Weigt is Silesian; corrupted Weigang (Hans Weigang, Grünberg 1520), several in Glatz region.
(note: info from http://www.robert-weinland.org/weyland.php?lang=en )


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Town of Gakowa information and links for Banat Region  split between Hungary, Romania and (Serbia)Yugoslavia.  


Ellis Island research Site has been very useful: I have found:
Thomas Weigand
(my Great Grandfather), born in 1878. Emigrated to USA on May 5, 1909. Ellis Island lists him as Tomas Weigand, Ethnicity Hngary/German, Place of Residence Gadoz Hungary, Date of Arrival May 5-1909, Age 30y, Male, Married, Ship of Travel Kronprinz Wilhelm, departed from Bremen Germany.
Lists him again in 1914 as Tamas Weigand, Ethnicity Hungary/German, Place of Residence New York-NY, Date of Arrival April 20-1914, Age 36y, Male, Married, Ship of Travel Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm, Point of Departure Bremen Germany.

Thomas' Son, My Grandfather, Joseph Weigand.
Ellis Island lists him as: Josef Weigand, Ethnicity Hungary/German, Place of residence Gador Hungary, Date of Arrival August 13-1914, Age 6y, Male, Single, Ship of Arrival George Washington, Point of Departure Bremen Germany.
They list him again in 1921 as Josef Weigand, Ethnicity Ju-Slov Slovak, Place of Residence Jakeuo Ju-Slov (this makes sense since Gakavo can easily pass for Jakeuo and Ju-Slov is Yugoslavia, being right after the war he may not want his German ethnicity mentioned so Ju-Slov Slovak is used), Date of Arrival August 13-1921m Age 13y, Male, Single, Ship of Travel Manchuria, Port of departure Hamburg Germany.
Thomas' Son, My Grand-Uncle, John Weigand

Below, postcard from Lena and Thomas Weigandt to Joseph (my Grandfather) from Gáddoról (or Gakova, Yugoslavia)

I now know from relatives that the top house is the home of the Wölfl family for over 200 years.