Tracks of the Romanesque 

Hirsauer building school 

The region north Black Forest lures with a number of more unusually and partly well received certifications of the romanischen art to the time journey in the high Middle Ages. In the first half 12. Century coined/shaped above all far the Monumente in the region, numerous into German country the radiating " Hirsauer building school " - stone-become medieval Froemmigkeit. 

Benediktiner in Alpirsbach 

Those Monastic church of the former Benediktinerklosters Alpirsbach (set joy city) belongs to the best received examples of the monumental simplicity and asketische severity of the reform medal architecture, which follows strict mathematical rules. It is at the same time one that purest examples of the ungewoelbten Sakralbauten of the German Romanesque. The inside of the oldest well-known grave-puts the Zollern leaves on each visitor a lasting impression, likewise the long pew from turned round timbers, - extremely rarely - from that the 12. Century comes. 

Freudenstaedter lesepult 

The Evangelist parish church in joy city retains beside the taufstein decorated richly with figures (around or soon after 1100) one to that artistically and technically most meaning wood picture factories of the German art 12. Century, the Freudenstaedter lesepult, carried by four EH gelists. 

Monastery Hirsau 

In Hirsau (Calw Hirsau) witness only the foundation walls of the former importance and size of the Benediktiner abbey. Of the 1091 monastic church pc. Peter and Paul geweihten - once model for German monastery architecture - the little younger " owl tower " only is with its strange Figurenfries, which gave cause for most varied interpretations. Remainders of the nave of the 1071 geweihten pc. Aurelius monastic church - the building of predecessors of pc. Peter and Paul on that other gnawing old page - serve with its staemmigen columns and powerful Wuerfelkapitellen today as catholic parish church. 

Hirsaus influence 

One reduced version of the Hirsauer Aureliuskirche is in the former Benediktiner priorats Church in monastery realm brook (Baiersbronn Klosterreichenbach/Kreis joy city), 1082 as the first monastery of the Hirsauer reform based, in 12. Century extends several times, today Evangelist parish church. 
North of monastery realm brook one discovers on a hill protruding in the Murgtal the simple romanische Chorturmkirchlein of Heselbach (Baiersbronn Klosterreichenbach Heselbach/Kreis joy city), with a door fall together with Tympanon at the south portal, remarkable for a land church.
The Evangelist God field church pc. Candidus in Kentheim (bath Teinach Zavelstein Sommenhardt Kentheim/Kreis Calw) appears still more original, their oldest sections from late 10. Century to come would know. 

Cistercian in bath Herrenalb 

A pictorial ruin forms the paradies of the former Cistercian monastic church pc. Maria in bath Herrenalb (set Calw) with its each double arcades, resting begun around 1200, on two or even six saeulchen. From the spaetromanischen monastic church are only few wall courses in the 1739 renewed church come up. 

Castle church in Pforzheim  (Schlo▀kirche in Pforzheim)

The castle-like compact west's building of the Pforzheimer closing and pin church pc. Michael is in close relationship with 1178 geweihten church of the former Cistercian monastery Maulbronn (Enzkreis). Those as the " besterhaltene medieval monastery north the alps " praised system became 1993 several times into the UNESCO list of the world cultural heritage of mankind taken up. Here - as at the long time hardly Pforzheimer castle church appreciative by the history of art - can be read off &Uuuml;bergang for gotischen architectural interpretation east the Rhine in the years soon after 1200 clearly. 

Puzzling Romanesque 

To the trueful raestelhaften Relikten the Tympanon of the Altstaedterkirche pc. Martin belong to the Romanesque in the region in Pforzheim and - unfortunately only in the base available - " king-waited " north of Monastery realm brook (Baiersbronn/Kreis joy city), as singular example of a Memorialbaus in free landscape.