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Picture from ~1957

Ronnie Reu, Ed Reu, Clara Reu, Erwin Reu

My name is Raymond Eric Reu and my father was Edgar Carl Reu his Father was Erwin Reu. 
Erwin's Father was Eugen Reu, born in Heubach, Baden Württemberg.
Eugen's Father was Joseph Weber Reu, born in Ettenkirch Oberamt Tettnang. (meaning Ettenkirch (link in German) in the district of Tettnang) near Lake Constance and the border with Switzerland.

Other Reu's in the United States come from the area around Ansbach, and Wettringen, Bavaria on the border with Baden-Württemberg. Rot-am-See, Beimbach, Göppingen, etc. in Baden-Württemberg.  Reu's in Australia hail from Finsterwalde, in the Brandenburg area, formerly Prussia.

DNA testing has indicated that our family belongs to the R-Z225 DNA Haplogroup.
If your last name is Reu please contact me about DNA testing.
See information on the DNA RESOURCES page.

Reu - Goes back to Genesis 11:18 in the Bible.  Reu was the son of Peleg. Born in 2156 B.C and died in 1917 B.C.  the sixteenth generation from Adam.

Erwin Reu was originally from Heubach (picture) which is in the area of Schwabish-Gmund, Federal state of Baden Württemberg (Württemberg Shield) in Germany (Deutschland).  Ancestors have been traced back to other areas of southern Germany.  Recently (2006) I have found that there is a family in Portugal and the USA with the name Reu.

Also found Erwin Reu on Ellis Island records: His address in Germany: Ringstrasse 17, Pforzheim, BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG 75173 DE
Also, Erwin on emigrating to America listed his destination as Newark, NJ to "Uncle William Reu".
William Reu's descendants are also living in NJ, GA, VA and elsewhere.

Old Baden Württemberg and the Black Forest area. See Map Images.

See scanned images of ancestors, relatives and trip to Germany. 

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Trip to Germany in 1984 with Opa (Erwin Reu) and Robbie Reu.  Here is a good Picture of us at Hofbauhaus.
Postcards in HeubachRosenstein, Rosenstein Hohlen (Caves), Schwartzwald (Black Forest)

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Color Pictures from late 1970s

Clara Reu (Gräze)

Erwin Reu


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