The Reu/Graze  Weigandt/Günther Genealogy pages

Reu (Father), Graze (Father's Mother),  Weigandt (Mother's Father), Günther (Mother's Mother).

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Link to all scanned images 

See my Family TreeMaker site. Computerized Family Tree
Town of Gakowa information and links for Banat Region  split between Hungary and Yugoslavia.  
Town of Heubach, Baden-Württemberg Deutschland (Germany)


DVHH.ORG Donauschwaben Villages' Helping Hands Project. Schwob's Life

IGS GERMAN Searches - Researchers' addresses, surnames, Loc

Hungarian History

SE Europe Research List. Batschka/Banat region

Schloßkirche in Pforzheim (Gross Opa and Oma married here)  English Translation

Dutch Genealogy

Internet Genealogical Site

Finding your roots in Wurttemberg (thomas.scharnowski page)

Rootsweb submissions by Ray Reu

German Translation on the Web

Donauschwaben Society of Trenton Has many more Donauschwaben links. 


Maps at the University of Texas

German Genealogy Study Group (Maps, History, German Regions and Heraldry)
Given names in Hungarian, English, Latin, and German with nicknames
How are we related? Cousins chart
Deutscher Volsverband Donauschwaben

Palanka Donauschwaben Home Page by Feldenzer
10,000 Year Calendar

German symbols: ä alt+0228, ö alt+0246, ü alt+0252, ß alt+0223.


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