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DNA testing has indicated that our family belongs to the R-Z225 DNA Haplogroup.  My Mother's mtDNA tests as U3b1

Y DNA testing can specifically test relatives that are directly related through the Male line.  Women can not be tested as they do not carry the Y chromosome.
Please contact me if you are a Reu and would like to pursue DNA testing.  The most comprehensive company that will test for Y-DNA and allow you to search for matches is FamilyTreeDNA.com. You could also participate in National Geographic's Genographic project, but you will need to transfer over to FamilyTreeDNA to perform any matching. 
Your best option is to get a DNA test with Ancestry.com ($99 or less on sale), and then download and transfer your DNA to FamilyTreeDNA. Free to transfer but $19 now to get all matches. You can then upgrade to get a Y-DNA test (normally about $270 but often on sale).

Reu's in the United States come from the area around Ansbach, and Wettringen, Bavaria on the border with Baden-Württemberg. Rot-am-See, Beimbach, Göppingen, etc. in Baden-Württemberg.  Reu's in Australia hail from Finsterwalde, in the Brandenburg area, formerly Prussia

My Mother's mtDNA tests as U3b1 (Central Europe/Volga Russia).  Several sites refer to the Scythians and currently Ossetians having U3b1 mtDNA. Wikipedia states "The Ossetians descend from the Alans,[17] a Sarmatian tribe (Scythian subgroup of the Iranian ethnolinguistic group)."

Her "Ethnic makeup" based on Autosomal DNA (going back approximately 1-2 thousand years) gives her the following breakdowns.

My "Ethnic makeup" is:

My Uncle:


Which company should I test with?  See Autosomal DNA testing comparison chart (a bit outdated).  23andme does not have very good searching, and tree participation is low.

        Best - for family searching and connections.  DNA.ANCESTRY.COM - Ancestry estimation and matches only.  They now have testing in Australia!.($149)

        Good - More Advanced. FamilyTreeDNA.com - You can transfer your test from Ancestry ($39). Ancestry estimation, matches, Y DNA, mtDNA, and the ability to link to Y-Search.org, and MitoSearch.org.  If you submit for the Genographic project you can transfer to FamilyTreeDNA for free, which is probably your lowest cost option for Y and mtDNA. 

        OK - 23andMe.com ($99). Good, but they ask too many questions.

        OK - Genographic Project by National Geographic.($200) Very precise. Will give you your terminal SNP for Y and mtDNA. If you buy this test you can transfer to FamilyTreeDNA. You will get another DNA kit from FamilyTreeDNA so that you can have access to better searching.  Genographic does not have searching on any matches.

Eupedia.com R1b Hapologroup. Y-DNA.

Good Y-DNA chart from Pintrest  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/32721534769963242/

ISOGG Y-DNA Haplogroup R and its Subclades

DNAeXplained - Genetic Genealogy - Detailed site on DNA.

Genbase Learning Center


Y-DNA testing Company STR Marker comparison Chart.

GEDMATCH - Upload your DNA to run through software scripts which will analyze your results for ethnicity and matches. Matches to Archaic DNA. Also can predict eye color fairly accurately.

Genetic Genealogy Tools also Ancient DNA.  Open source software for download.

R-Z225 (DF27>Z225) - another early branch of DF27 with an Iberian connection